Nivaro Gen 2 Slink/Omega Body Appliers

nivaro gen 2 slink

For the next generation of Nivaro skins we have our first set of appliers for the Slink body (Omega compatible)! These aren’t just applying the system skin textures applied to the Slink body–they are four times the resolution, with that much more eye popping power and detail.

The come on a simple clickable hud to match Nivaro’s 2nd gen skins.

♦ High resolution, superbly realistic and detailed.

♦ 9 body hair styles (5 chest, 4 legs).

Tintable body hair tattoo layer (same 9 styles).

[The tattoo layered body hair is particularly useful for matching all manner of skin tones. And if you are into a fantasy look you can get some pretty outlandishly vivid looks. Vivid blue body hair for drows anyone?]

♦ Appliers for Body, feet, hands and nails.

TP to Nivaro to get it!


Introducing: Lucus


Part of the 2nd Generation of Nivaro Skins

New body from top to bottom with
♦ 4 Eyebrow, hair base and body hair colours (Black, Brown, Red, Blonde)
♦ Bald and hair base.
♦ 5 Bodyhair styles.
♦ Tintable hair base and body hair.
♦ 2 Stubble styles & clean faces.

10 skin tones in the full fatpacks.

YES! We have moved and expanded the store because we are going to fill it up with more great new stuff. This might be just the time to update your new look!

Next up: Omega body appliers for 2nd generation skins!

Find at our NEW skin at the NEW Nivaro store!



The Handsome New Clint

-Nivaro- Clint Advert

Rugged and as striking as ever. Continuing the more mature themed of skins lately, he has that twinkle of seasoned wisdom about him.

He’s also the last skin release before a big change is coming at Nivaro skins store . . . Keep your ears perked up folks, we have some big changes coming soon!


Lots of beards to choose from in-store at Nivaro

-NIVARO- ‘Tiberius’ at We <3 RP

-Nivaro- Tiberius Skin Advert

‘T I B E R I U S’

Men are always asking where they can find a more mature, seasoned male for their look. Look no farther than Tiberius, a skin for the experienced, world traveled man.

-Nivaro- Prophet Beard

We also present the Prophet beard, a full jaw and mustache look, sold as a tattoo layer to be added to your own skin.

Both are available right now with a 40% discount at We ❤ RP.